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Happy father's Day

Happy father's Day

2020/06/09 17:19
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Unknowingly, father's Day is approaching. Have you ever come home to visit your father and mother? When you were a child, you thought that your father was omnipotent.
He was a superman in your mind,But when he grew up, he looked at his father's gray hair and found that the omnipotent man in his mind would grow old.
There is a kind of love in the world, like the ivy on the cliff, which will never wither; there is a kind of love, like the compass in the vast sea,which points out the direction; there is a kind of love, like the teaching of my father, which is always attentive.
The memory of you is still, so tall and straight, but you are really old, change of nostalgia, like to hold my hand, keep asking, many years ago, you were also young, young, spirited.
The most beautiful time, the wind blowing your hair, smile do not speak, you say, the past is past, I return, now, but I will not forget, the memory of you, so gentle, so delicate.
Finally, happy father's day to all.
Father's Day is coming. May the sunshine in June shine on father's smiling face forever. May the drizzle in June moisten father's broad heart forever.
May the filial piety of children make father live a happy life!